Monday, December 17, 2012

Finance Your Heaters! 6 Months Same As Cash

Hi Everyone,

Happy Winter Season!  
We at Radiant Heat USA wish you the finest and joyous Holiday Season!

When you visit us and check out heating options please know that we now offer 6 months no payments and no interest from PayPal.

Go to and click on the banner for more details. 

below is the actual banner that appears on our website.  Take advantage of this great financing to manage your purchase of our products!!

PayPal "Same as Cash" offer at the Radiant Heat USA website

Using new heaters, making a green heat conversion, replacing numerous heating panels and adding heat to the most used rooms is much easier on a budget with PayPal financing.

At checkout when you are at the point of payment just select the PayPal financing option and PayPal does the rest!

Enjoy the easy to use program and most of all enjoy the comfort or infrared radiant heat this season!

From Radiant Heat USA
Happy Holidays and thank you for your patronage!!