Thursday, October 20, 2011

Replacement Panels, Lots of Orders, and other stuff!

Hi everyone,

I want to thank all of my customers for their loyalty to my virtual store of electric radiant infrared heating products. It is a niche business and in this economy I am amazed at how many loyal followers of this great heat are buying units and replacement panels as winter approaches.

I have had many, many orders since the beginning of the Fall season for replacement panels for electric radiant infrared heaters. There are many such units across the country that are made by a variety of manufacturers that are no longer in business whose flat panels were made of glass.  Many of you who are replacing those glass panels are reporting that they lasted you anywhere from 15-25 years.  Amazing!!  

The replacement panels are NOT glass.  They are flat ceramic over steel panels that are thinner than the original glass.  They come shipped to you with silicon spacers for a good fit in the original housing.
When ordering it is very important to remember to measure your original glass panel to get an exact length and width of the panel onlyDo Not add the housing into that measurement.  If you don't have the panel available then measure the inside of the housing where the panel would fit.  Now that measurement may not be as exact as measuring the original glass panel, so before ordering, here is what you do... get a piece of thin luan wood, or a piece of thin dry wall, or a thick piece of card board and cut out the measurement you took then try to get that to fit in the housing as if it were the panel.  This will be a good gauge to confirm you have the right measurements for the panel you need.

Our replacement panels come in whole inches, there are no 1/2 or 1/4 or 1/8ths of inches.  You can find the various panels in beige or white and in 4 different voltages at  Our panels replace the following manufacturers: API, Glassheat, Berko, Infrared Circuits, Continental Radiant, Lincoln Electric, Electroglass, and Zell-Aire units.  Our panels are available in the following sizes (L x W) in inches:  5x27, 5x45, 6x32, 6x45, 9x24, 9x32, 9x45, 9x48, 10x16, 14x21, 14x31, 14x45, 15x20, and 16x24.  If you do not have one of these sizes please contact us about a custom size being manufactured for your specific need.  Feel free to contact me anytime at our contact page at regarding the replacement panels.

Besides lots of orders I have been out to a large warehouse west of Cleveland to build a job where the owner wants to heat a large area of the warehouse where the workers perform most of the business fulfillment tasks.  That was a fun project.  I also had a restaurant inquire about outdoor electric infrared radiant heating of a patio where diners can be warmed while eating or being bar side during cooler times late in the season, or even in the early spring.  Customers enjoy the outdoors and the restaurant can extend its outdoor season with electric infrared radiant heat.  It is good to be able to flip outdoor dining tables on a crowded night and earn revenue from an outdoor space that otherwise would be dead to restaurant revenue generation.  It is a good marketing tool as well.

And your customers who smoke can have a warm designated smoking area.  hey, you want to keep those customers who smoke, so warm them.  They spend they same money at your establishment as non-smokers, so don't send them into the cold for that smoke.  In the cooler and winter months install some plastic or canvass side walls against your business exterior and add electric radiant heat for the smokers.

Thanks for the support and the orders!  stay warm everyone and please pass the word on infrared radiant heating.  It is good for you and for the ecology, stay warm, stay green!