Friday, September 9, 2011

Time to Think Heat

It is that time of year again when weather cools after Labor Day, Football season begins, and the kids are back in school.

With cooling weather it is time to think of heat.  Here are some considerations:
  • That drafty room you've been wanting to heat.
  • Heating your three season room.
  • Heating you garage, shed, workspace.
  • Foot heaters in the office.
  • Heating the foyer or patio of a restaurant.
  • Heating a designated smoking area for employees.
  • Heating your craft or work room.
  • Adding heat to your Gazebo or outdoor entertaining area.
This list can extend on and on.  You get the idea, you can add heat to any room in your home for extra comfort heating, to lower you gas bill, to warm a child or older person living with you, or for any other reason.

Infrared Radiant heating is a superior comfort heating generating the warmth of the sun without noise, moving parts, blowing air, and it does so economically at about 10-12 cents per 1000 watts per hour.

Please give me a call or an email now so you can feel the warmth this winter season.

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