Friday, April 29, 2011

Fifty % Saving on heating costs!

WOW ... 50% Savings!!   But how?

Simple, really.  Electric radiant infrared heat is so efficient that it offers greater warmth and comfort and costs less to operate than forced air natural gas furnace or blower systems.
It works this way:
Electric radiant infrared heat is a type of heat that is immediate and is absorbed by people and objects.  Even in a cold room when radiant heat is first turned on, human skin will feel the warmth and absorb the heat first which warms the person.  Within minutes theelectric radiant infrared heat is rapidly warming the objects in the room, like sunshine pouring in through a window.  As the radiant heat warms the room every object in the room, including the floor, is absorbing the heat.  These objects in turn release the heat into the room ultimately warming the ambient air in the room.  As the ambient air is warmed to the temperature set on the unit’s thermostat it will turn off.  While the unit is off the objects in the room continue to warm the room.  If a door or window is opened allowing cold air to rush into the room heating recovery is rapid due to the room warming from the objects in the room.
Any room being heated by an electric radiant infrared unit can have its damper to the furnace closed and be cut off from forced air heat.  The room can be heated for half the cost that it took to heat with forced heated air.
Here's why:
As the unit is operating and warming the room the consumer cost is about 8-12 cents per kilowatt hour to operate (an approximate average of 10 cents an hour per 1000 watts - refer to your rates per kilowatt hour on your electric bill).  When the room is not in use the unit thermostat can be lowered or turned off.  So, a 3000 watt unit would cost about 30 cents an hour to operate when it is turned on.  It costs nothing when turned off.  Therefore, with immediate heating, faster recovery times, and inexpensive electric costs on a decentralized heating unit, the savings to heat any equivalent square footage of space compared to natural gas or heating oil is about 50%.  
Natural gas systems continuously run a pilot light and a natural gas burner to blow heated air into the rooms of a home or building to warm the people in the room.  But, these systems only heat the air.  We know that hot air rises up to ceilings leaving a colder temperature at floor level (thus the use of space heaters and foot warmers).  This happens day and night whether or not anyone is using the room.  When a door or window is opened and the cold air rushes in the furnace activates by turning on the natural gas burner to force more hot air into the room and doesn't shut off until the thermostat indicates enough hot air has filled the room.  That is a lot of hot air because as hot air rises enough hot air must be blown into the room to reach the thermostat.  Also, in a cold room, a person will feel cold until sufficient hot air is in the room to make the person feel warm.  The person is warmed last.  Because the furnace is a centralized system it does this continuously for the whole house even if one room is being used.  At current gas prices, this can get expensive.   If you are paying a lot for natural gas or heating oil you've already paid for electric radiant infrared heatingunits, you just don't have them.
To mitigate such gas or heating oil costs and to have very comfortable and efficient heating a consumer can install electric radiant infrared heat in one or more of the most commonly used rooms.  Over time additional rooms can have electric radiant infrared heatinstalled.  Or, a consumer can invest in a home improvement project to convert the whole home from natural gas to electric radiant infrared heating.
Either way the savings remain about 50% of the cost of natural gas to heat the same space with electric radiant infrared heatingunits.  These savings come from immediate heating, faster recovery times, and inexpensive electric costs on a decentralized heating unit.  The savings grow over time as the cost of the units and their install is quickly recovered over a short number of years while the units last the lifetime of your home.  And it is very comfortable.  And….its green!

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