Thursday, April 28, 2011

Electric Radiant Infrared Glass Heating Elements

Electric Radiant Infrared Glass Heating Elements

Good day my faithful customers… I hear there is a demand for replacement panels!  I am here to help.
Many of you are seeking glass element replacement panels for your electric infrared radiant heating units.  I know the search is on as several of you have contacted me seeking replacements.  Most of you have a glass element in the heating unit from these manufacturers: API, Glassheat, Berko, Infra Red Circuits, Continental Radiant, Lincoln Electric, Electroglass, and Zell-aire. These units had textured glass panel elements with the circuit sprayed painted on the back.
You came to the right place.  I can replace most of these elements.  These units had glass elements.  They now get replaced with a ceramic heater element that is constructed of  ceramic coated 18 gauge steel plate with an energizing circuit on the internal face of the heating element (the backside of the panel).  Heater elements have a wattage density of a minimum of 2.3 watts/square inch of emissive surface area.  Enough technical talk.  We have replacement panels!
The glass elements were thicker than the ceramic replacements.  To accommodate the size difference the ceramic elements come with silicone spacers.  The elements are easy to install.  To order please advise me of the length and the width of the origianl element.  I do not need the length and width of its housing, just the length and width of the original glass element.  I say that twice because I get calls where that is forgotten.  I want to make the ordering as fast and easy as possible.  With that I can be sure to get the right size if available.  Also indicate the voltage of your unit and if you prefer beige or white ceramic.  I can’t complete an order without the voltage of the unit.
As always your comments are welcome.
Thanks, and enjoy!

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