Friday, April 29, 2011

Easy Installation of Our Units

Radiant Heat USA sells infrared radiant heaters that are manufactured in a variety of electrical configurations based on the needs of our customers.  These configurations are listed as volts for each item in our store.  Typical voltages are 120, 208, 240, 277, 480, 600.  Units with higher heating power are manufactured at higher voltages.  Most outlets in residential homes are configured to accept appliances rated at 120 volts.
Radiant Heat USA sells many heaters that require little or no electrical installation.  These units are 120 volts and can be plugged into a standard residential outlet.  If a customer has preferences about hiding the power cord within a wall, moving an outlet, or -more commonly- installing a thermostat, some electrical work is required.
Each heating unit has an amp rating that is related to its voltage.  The higher the  heating unit's voltage the lower the amp draw through the electical circuit that the heating unit is plugged into.  If lower amps are desired then higher voltage heater units must be ordered.
For example: The Ceiling Cove Model 945 with 120 volts puts out 1000 watts of power at 8.3 amps is hardwired to a 110 volt residential outlet.  A customer may want a timer or a thermostat to control the heater which requires light electrical work.  That same heater with the same wattage is also manufactured in a 240 volt unit which draws only 4.2 amps, about half the amp draw of the 120 volt model.
Some commercial or other buildings require a unit configured to 208 or 277 volts which draw 4.8 or 3.6 amps respectiviely.  So again, the higher the voltage of the unit, the lower the amp draw through the electrical circuit that it is plugged or wired into.
When a home or building does not have the proper wiring to handle the voltage or amp load an electrician is required to properly wire the location to accept the heater unit.  For instance, if a heating unit that requires 240 volts is being installed in an area where there is only a 120 volt outlet, an electrician must run the proper wiring to accomodate the 240 volt unit.  Cost for this varies among independent electricians and estimates should be sought prior to installations.
Radiant Heat USA does not perform installations.  We do, however, recommend electricians and suggest sources for customers to locate a reputable certified electrician when it is necessary to utilize such service.  

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